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Top Schools in Noida

1 Step By Step School
Step by Step is known for its new approaches to learning, its professional development centre to upgrade skills of the faculty and its special needs educational facility. The school has aced the ‘extra-curricular activities’, ‘individual attention to students’, ‘life skills education’ and ‘innovative teaching’ parameters.
Phone: 0120-2472300
Nursery FEE: Not available
2 Amity International*
Located on a sprawling 15-acre campus, the school has topped the ‘academic rigour’ category yet again. The school also has enviable sports facilities and offers tennis and riding academies and a shooting range. It has the second-highest scores for the ‘extra-curricular activities’ and ‘value for money’ parameters.
Phone: 0120-4399000
Nursery Fee: Not available
3 Delhi Public School*
Established in 1982, DPS Noida is known for its excellent academic record, its vast infrastructure and its commitment to co-curricular activities. It has the second-highest scores in the ‘competence of teachers’ and ‘social accountability’ categories, and stands third on the ‘academic rigour’ and ‘sports’ parameters.
Phone: 0120-4509100
Nursery fee: Not available
4 Apeejay School
Spread across 15 acres, the school has good infrastructure for sports, including cricket and football fields and basketball and badminton courts. Needless to say, Apeejay School has topped the ‘sports’ parameter. Equipped with a 1,200-seater auditorium, the school stands second in the ‘parental participation’ category.
Phone: 0120-2515141/43
Nursery Fee: Rs. 94,150 per annum
4 Lotus Valley International
Spread over 12.5 acres, this school boasts of state-of-the-art infrastructure, including media centres and cafeterias for students. Unsurprisingly, it has topped on ‘infrastructure and facilities’ and ‘safety and hygiene’ parameters. The school has grown to a strength of 2,450 students in a short span of time.
Phone: 9910952227
Nursery fee: Rs. 1,51,200 per annum
6 Somerville School
Started in 1987, the school focuses on academic excellence and value education. While it has topped the ‘value system’ and ‘value for money’ parameters and has the second highest score in the ‘academic rigour’ category. With activities such as a popular annual music show, the school ensures that learning is fun.
Phone: 0120-2415050
Nursery fee: Rs. 48,000 per annum
7 Vishwa Bharti School
Set up in 1989, the school is spread over 6.64 acres which houses three auditoriums, a library stocked with 25,000 books and smart classrooms. With its emphasis on Indian values and community service, the school has the second-highest scores in the ‘value system’ and ‘parental participation’ categories.
Phone: 0120-2455142
Nursery fee: Rs. 46,050 per annum
8 Kothari International School
Known for its impressive infrastructure, the school follows innovative teaching technique such as providing a dedicated ‘Swadhaya period’ for self-learning and finishing assignments and the concept of a bag-less school. It is ranked second on the ‘individual attention to students’ and ‘safety and hygiene’ parameters.
Phone: 10120 - 4082430
Nursery fee: Rs. 1,45,800 per annum
9 Shriram Millennium School
A joint enterprise between the promoters of the Shriram group of schools and Educomp, the school has started initiatives such as  writer’s workshop, ‘show and tell’ and ‘circle time’ where students can discuss ideas. Fittingly, the school ranks second in the ‘innovative teaching’ and ‘parental participation’ categories.
Phone: 9999176666
Nursery fee: Rs. 1,72,504 per annum
10 Bal Bharti School
Activities under the astronomy, robotics and environment clubs make the school interesting. The Interact club is involved in various outreach activities, earning the school the top rank on the ‘social accountability’ parameter. It has also performed well in the ‘value for money’ and ‘innovative teaching’ categories.
Phone: 0120 - 2538533
Nursery fee: Rs. 37,500 per annum
Nursery fee figures, provided to HT by the schools, are approximate. They include annual fee and development charges (transport fee is variable). For the total fee amount, please contact the schools.

* These schools did not participate in the survey. Their scores are based on the perceptual survey conducted among parents and teachers as mentioned in the methodology.

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DISCLAIMER :The survey data is a copyright of HT Media Limited, any use of this survey data would lead to infringement of their copyright and may result in legal action against the Infringer.


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