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Teacher recruitment hits salary roadblock

Teacher recruitment hits salary roadblock

A disagreement over the salaries of teachers has created a hurdle in their recruitment in municipal schools.
The three civic bodies that operate 1,700-odd schools have to hire 1,752 teachers whose salaries are to be paid by the Delhi government. While the government has
offered to pay Rs. 13,000 per month, the corporations have demanded a salary of Rs. 23,000 per month, which will be on a par with other contractual teachers.
The new teachers are to be recruited under the Sarva Ahiksha Abhiyan, costs of which are to be borne by the Delhi government.
For the past few months, the corporation and the state education ministry have been exchanging letters on the recruitment process, unable to come to an agreement.
'The contractual teachers of the corporation are getting Rs. 23,000 per month as salary. If we bring in 1,752 teachers for the schools at Rs. 13,000 per month, there will be a huge hue and cry. There will be strikes and demonstrations which will create problems for us,' said Mahender Nagpal, leader of the House, North Corporation.
He said that he has written to the education minister, Kiran Walia, giving him details of the problem and has sought intervention.

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