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Schools Awards

Senior school Awards
Pathways School Noida celebrated its 'first' Annual Awards ceremony on 29th of August 2012. The chief guest for the occasion was Mr. Dinesh Kothari one of the members of our Board of Governors.
The director, Dr. Advani in her speech introduced the policy of awarding students at Pathways Noida. She specified that the awards reflect not just one examination, but the entire year's performance by the students.
Mr. Kothari in his speech compared his own experience of schooling to the students of Pathways and was envious of their quality of education.
There were a few brilliant performance by the Grade six choir and the PSN Percussion Band.
Other than academics, in the special award categories, Global Citizenship, Techno Proficiency, Social Responsibility, Ideal Pathwayzian and IB Learner Profile were conferred.
Water House was declared the first ever House of the Year.

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