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Bio-metric marking debuts in Delhi school

Bio-metric marking debuts in Delhi school
New Delhi, Oct 26, 2012, DHNS:

A North Delhi Municipal Corporation primary school in Haidarpur near Shalimar Bagh will become the first government school in the city to have biometric attendance system for students and teachers.
The civic body had decided to introduce the biometric attendance system in all its schools, of which the Haidarpur school is the first to get the facility.
North Corporation officials said the hi-tech system will be inaugurated on November 1.
“Two schools run in the same building in Haidarpur. The morning school is meant for girls, and the boys’ section runs in evening. The biometric system will be used for the morning session initially,” said Rekha Gupta, North Corporation education committee chairperson. “There are 1,700 girls in the school and 44 teachers,” she said.
The facility will be started in other schools after seeing the response of the system in the Haidarpur school for some three months. There are three ways to mark attendance in the hi-tech system. “One can mark attendance by punching the fingerprint, use an identity card to swap at the machine or enter a pin number. The identity card and pin number are optional if the machine fails to read the fingerprint,” said Rekha.
The type of system to be replicated in other schools depends on the results of the experimental run. Biometric systems in the rest of the schools will be installed through an open tender.
There are 780 schools, four lakh students and 9,000 teachers under the North Corporation. The system could help the corporation in regulating other services, such as mid-day meal scheme, said officials.
“NGOs that run kitchens are billed under the mid-day meal scheme on the basis of the number of students present on a particular day. With biometric attendance in place, there will be no scope of any wrong-doing,” said a senior corporation official.
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